Night Demons,Core Demons, legends and lore

Within the Beastbarrens and the great ruins of Bodach lie the cursed lands. Here, an unknown, baleful power warps desert creatures into freakish monstrosities: they sprout extra limbs, their hands or paws into dagger like claws, scaly armor covers their skin, and worse. They spred out into the Ivory triangle area and beyond.
The only weakness these demons have is they cannot live under the harsh rays of the sun. Every dawn they turn into mist and sink into the ground to wait patiently in the core of the world, only to rise after dusk to terrorize the night.
Some sages believe that horrible defiling magic’s tore the very world and drove the primal elementals within the cursed land to madness, infusing the creatures still living there with their power and hatred for mankind. Others believe that there is a huge portal to the abyss and anything nearby is warped by its demonic power. It matters not, the only thing that one knows for sure is the night is no longer safe and anyone foolish enough to travel outside the warded cities without protection will soon leave the sands wet with their blood.

Known Core Demons:

Sand Demon

Wind Demon

Stone Demon

Fire Demon

Night Demons,Core Demons, legends and lore

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