Markos journal

Wasn’t sure I was ever going to add to my journal again. Somehow I’ve survived being sentenced to death by Nibenay’s beautiful (also treacherous)...but mostly beautiful templars. It seems my skills are destined to grow.

Templar Anishtu has my old journal. Don’t think I put anything important in it, so in all likelihood she has just discarded it the same way she discarded me. That’s fine, I got what I needed from her.

So I guess this is page one of a new life. No worries, I’ve been down this road before.

The death sentence saw us fight demons in the arena, demons that were supposed to kill us. Thanks to the magic of a fellow named ‘the warded man’ (I know right, just give yourself a name… I thought I had an ego!), and despite his personality, five of us managed to overcome the supposedly unbeatable monsters. we then fled into some maze underneath the city. Strange place, full of traps and darkness. I used my talents to lead the party to a way out of the maze, and now we are all huddled in a small shack waiting for a sandstorm to pass before we try to escape the city proper.

The survivors consist of yours truly, a noble and famous dragonborn named Sar Jall, the aforementioned ‘warded man’, and a strange halfling named Phostis, who may or may not be biding his time to strike us all down with his dark magics the moment his stomach rumbles. He’s an arcanist, which on top of his appetite, troubles me. On the other hand he seems like a decent enough guy outside of that stuff, and his powers certainly made the difference between life and death. He’s got a good personality… unlike that ‘warded man’. Personality goes a long way.

Oh yeah, there’s also this fellow named Aziz. I keep forgetting he’s with us.

Sandstorms still howling outside. Personally, I find it comforting. Reminds me of being on the silt seas. And while its going, the guards won’t be looking for us. Sar Jall woke me to say the ‘warded man’ left in the middle of the night while we slept. Too bad, he was a powerful warrior. Could have used his skills to get out of Nibenay. However, I can’t say I’m surprised. Guy like that…lets just say he’s exactly the kind of ass who would ditch a group in the middle of the night without a goodbye. Guess he thought his presence would’ve caused us too much trouble in our escape. Not sure why, seems his only crime is being ugly as sin. I on the other hand romanced a wife of the Shadow King (quite effectively too, if I must say so). I can’t imagine anything ‘the warded man’ has done is more noteworthy then my crimes. Phostis joked about being the Hill market Cannibal. If that were true, I suppose he’d have outdone me, but I doubt its an honest claim. My guess is that his crime is being a damn warlock or something. I’ve heard some wizards can control their powers. Lets hope he’s one of those kinds. If he isn’t… let’s just say that me and Sar Jall probably won’t feel too bad about ridding the world of one more bloody defiler. But like I said, he’s a good guy, so I really hope it doesn’t come to that. I’ll talk to him more about it when we leave the city.

Sar Jall is a solid friend. Quiet, resourceful, tough as nails. A soldier.

What else can I say for now. I feel bad ransacking this old man’s house. We’ll try to take only what we need, but this is not a forgiving world we live in. Just add this to the list of crimes I must one day atone for. Maybe this old man will hunt us down for revenge. Get in line. Nibenay’s templars and house Tomblador (since I broke my merchants vows) got here first. My guess is they won’t be last.

I’m not worried. I’m Marko Jyhadi, Battlemind and dune trader, and I can take all comers.

Markos journal

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