Blade of the Dark Sands

The run to Freedom, or Doom!

second night

The battle is over. The frantic pace of living through it blurs the vision. A sound from far off like a sandstorm gathering strength is all that one hears. The muffle slowly becomes a roar as vision clarifies. People in the stands scream and the blood that coats the survivors starts to cool in the night air. Bodies, humanoid and demon both, lie in pools of gore in the dirt. Four have survived, but it seems, not for long. Half giant Shadow Guards move into position to throw their deadly spears to finish what the Core Demons could not.

The four survivors, Marko Jyhadi, Phostis Lorentis, Sar-Jall the Chain Fighter!, and The Warded Man see that even in winning, there is no escape from Templar law. Unless they flee into the darkness beyond the Death Gate! As the four run, spears slam into the ground all around them. Will they make it to the safety of the gate and will they be safe when they reach the darkness within?



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