Blade of the Dark Sands

Battle to the death in the tower tomb!

sixth session

One more very deadly battle with lizard creatures within the lower levels of the broken tower and the band of bloodied heros found what they’re looking for. Three survivors, Milos and Alia the cart drivers, and Flaron the guard. Gathering the stolen cart supplies, Phostis detected magic within the ancient weapons and shield that are affixed to the crumbling statues. Several swings against the hard rocks and years of grit and earth broke free revealing steel!
Night passed somewhat uneventfully in the tower as the group slept. Alia falls for the charms of Marco durning the night and they warm each other till morning. Phostis studied the arcane emminations on the items they found till falling into slumber.
The morning sun rose on the tower by the time everyone was ready and recovered, hauling the cart baggage back to the broken cart. Phostis repaired the cart enough to move all the crates back to the caravan if everyone helped by pulling or pushing.
Nearing the caravan, Marko spotted two Gnolls and a pack of hyenas within, harassing Radi and the other merchants. After the gnolls left to the north, our hero’s catch up to the caravan. The gnolls are bounty hunters, after slaves that escaped from the Pit three days ago…



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